Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are tiny text files (consisting solely of letters and numbers) that a web server stores on your computer or mobile device while you access a website. When activated, the cookie will assist us in making our Services more user-friendly by recalling your language preferences and settings, for example.

Cookies are commonly used to help websites operate more efficiently. The use of cookies helps you to move quickly between websites. Cookies let you and the Services connect more smoothly and efficiently by remembering your habits.

Types of Tracking Technologies

There are five main types of Tracking Technologies:

  • Tracking Technologies are a must-have. This Tracking Technologies are required in order for you to log in, navigate through, and use the functionality of our Services, or for us to offer a service that you have ordered (such as your username). In order to use these Tracking Technologies, we do not require your permission. This Tracking Technologies may be used for compliance and reputation purposes, such as detecting policy violations and providing service and security services.
  • Technologies for Tracking Functionality These Tracking Technologies allow our Services to remember your preferences (for example, your language) and provide enhanced and customized functionality. This Tracking Technologies, for example, are used for authentication (to recall your login information) and to support other aspects of our Services.
  • Technologies for Monitoring Performance These Tracking Technologies gather information about your online activity, including behavioural data and content interaction measures (for example, the length of your visit to our Services). This tracking technologies are used for statistics, analytics, and science (based on aggregated information).
  • Tracking Technologies for Marketing or Advertising This tracking technologies are used to provide you with personalized deals and ads focused on your derived desires, as well as to conduct email marketing campaigns. They can also be used to minimize the number of times you see a commercial and to better calculate the campaign's efficacy. They're normally set up by our marketers (for example, ad networks) to give them information about the people who see and engage with their advertisements, visit their websites, or use their apps.
  • Tracking Technologies for Social Media Social networking features like the Facebook "Like" or "Share" keys, as well as third-party log-in systems, are examples of Tracking Technologies. These features are either hosted by a third party or on our Services directly. The privacy statement of the organization that provides these features governs your communications with them.

Storing Tracking Technologies

When you visit or use our Services, we collect tracking technologies (typically, when you are visiting our websites). This is referred to as "First Party Tracking Technologies." Other third parties (such as our analytics service providers, industry partners, and advertisers) often shop Tracking Technologies, which are referred to as "Third Party Tracking Technologies."

Both types of Tracking Technologies can be saved for the length of your stay or for subsequent visits to our Services.

What tracking technologies do we employ?

Analytics Cookies

  • First-Party Tracking Technology is a form of first-party tracking technology.
  • The aim of Performance Tracking Technologies is to help people track their performance. These Tracking Technologies are used to gather information on how you communicate with our Services' content, for attribution purposes (for example, the referral URL), and for other purposes. We use the data to generate reports, quantify owed sales, and develop the Services by providing customized goods and content.

Analytics Cookies

  • Third-Party Tracking Technology is a form of third-party tracking technology.
  • The aim of Performance Tracking Technologies is to help people track their performance. This cookie is used to monitor how guests interact with our Platform. We use the data to create reports and to make improvements to the Platform. The cookies gather anonymous information about visits to the Platform, such as the number of visitors, where they came from, and which pages they visited.

Other Cookies

  • Tracking Technology, both first and third party.
  • Purpose – Tracking Technologies that are absolutely appropriate. This unlisted cookies can be used on internal pages of the Services to personalize and ease your online experience by recalling your preferences and login credentials.

How To Manage Your Cookie Settings

You can handle and monitor your cookie settings in a variety of ways. Please keep in mind that deleting or blocking cookies can cause some of the Services' features to stop working properly or effectively.

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